About me

Meg with daughter, Sophie

I’m a writer, editor, teacher, and lover of wildlife, especially birds. My news and feature stories, interviews, and essays have been published in a variety of venues, primarily in the Southwest. Selections from my memoir, Bird Woman Bird, have been published in two journals:

“Ramblings and Reflections,” an anthology of winning entries in the 2021 SouthWest Writers Contest

Variant Lit, Spring 2023, Issue 14

4 thoughts on “About me

  1. Ben Kuykendall

    Meg Read your article from your journal in the journal. I worked in the North unit for 15 years. you circled the best habitat for the Mtn Plover. I have seen them in the areas you covered but not so common. To get to the most concentrated habitat cross the John Dunn bridge and head north on the dirt road between Pot and Chiflo. The area where I almost always observed them starts about .5 mi north of Pot continues North for about 5 miles and also west for several miles. Granted, I have not been out there since the severe drought. Don’t know effects of that. Good Luck.
    Ben Kuykendall


  2. Ellen Antill

    Hi, Meg – this morning I read an article you wrote several years ago about your experience with Hawk Watch International in the Manzano Mountains. I live in New Mexico, a bit northeast of Santa Fe. Yours was a wonderfully inspiring piece. I’m just coming to my own love and passion for hawks. Because of your article, I’m strongly motivated to connect with HWI and volunteer with them next year. In fact, I can’t wait! Thank you very much.


    1. Meg Post author

      Thanks for the kind words, Ellen. I hope you get a chance to volunteer on the Manzano Hawk Watch. HWI are truly dedicated people. THEY are the inspiring ones! -Meg



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