3 thoughts on “Meg Scherch Peterson

  1. Perrianne Houghton

    Ms. Scherch Peterson, I am the assistant editor for the Central New Mexico Audubon Society Chapter Newsletter. I am wondering if you would give me permission to either copy or enter a link to your Taos News article on Brown-capped Rosy-finches nesting in Wheeler Peak Wilderness Area for our Fall newsletter issue, coming out in September? Thank You, ~ Perrianne


  2. Linda Hone

    Dear Meg, I had read your July 26, 2018 article about the returning finches in NM on the cover of Taos News GREAT OUTDOORS section. Dec 2nd, Sunday, an injured finch (the wing) was discovered in my driveway at 204 Upper Ranchitos. I didn’t know what it was. I put in in a cage in my living room and have been feeding it water soaked Ezekial bread. It has shown some appetite. After reading your article yesterday, I know can ID this bird as most likely not a baby, but perhaps an adult finch. I would kindly like to ask you if you would have one of the bird conservationalists call me @ 575 758 1653. I would like this lovely bird to be in the right hands. Thank you
    Warmly, Linda Hone


    1. Meg Post author

      Hi Linda, First, my apologies for this late reply. I’m not as attentive to my web site as I should be. Rectifying that is my New Year’s resolution. I wonder whether you’ve been able to nurse your finch back to health and back into the wild. I hope so. The only organization I know locally that will take in injured animals, including sometimes the smaller songbirds, is the New Mexico Wildlife Center in Espanola. I once transported a juvenile Great Horned Owl to them. For future reference, here’s their contact info: http://www.thewildlifecenter.org or 505-753-9505.



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